Norbi Zylberberg

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Norbi Zylberberg helps lead the most awarded multicultural agency in the industry. As SVP, Group Creative and Development Director, he is responsible for not only ensuring best-in-class creative development but also for keeping the culture of the agency in tune.

Norberto (Norbi) Zylberberg – USA

LatinWorks, based in Austin, Texas was named Multicultural Agency of The Year in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013 (2011 by both Advertising Age and AdWeek); A-List Agency in 2010 and Best Small Agency of 2011.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Norbi started his career at JWT at a time when Argentina was finding its own voice in the world of advertising. After he worked at several independent shops, he moved to the US with a quest to shape the voice of the evolving Hispanic Market.

Norbi has played a key role in the shift the US market experienced over the past decade where lines between market segments blurred and cultures were redefined. After 12+ years in the US at LatinWorks, Norbi continues to be at the forefront of the dynamic multicultural space and oversees work for brands such as Target, Mars, Wrigley, Anheuser-Busch, Texas Lottery, Kimberley Clark, Pepsi and Special Olympics. His previous accounts include Domino’s, History Channel, ESPN, and Burger King, among others. 

In 2012, LatinWorks made headlines for being selected as the Total Market AOR for Texas Lottery, a new business effort that was led by Norbi, confirming the shift of the multicultural phenomenon in US demographics was impacting big client decisions.

He developed the LW internship program that created small units of multidisciplinary talents that nurtured the agency with fresh proactive creative and at the same time generated new entry level aspirants.

He also created LatinWorks for Good, a unit that identified Non Profit organizations in the Austin area that needed marketing help. This program allowed LW to create a socially conscious internal environment, generating great creative results and PR opportunities.
Norbi has participated on the Jury at local, regional and international festivals and was awarded internationally in many of them. He led the teams that placed LW in the  second place in the world as the best Agency in "Radio" in Cannes 2012. 

 He also wrote and directed an award winning short film, Kidnappeando, is finishing a documentary and is currently writing his first novel. 
Norbi studied Communication Sciences, Marketing and Copywriting in Buenos Aires. In 2010, attended the Executive Series for Creative Directors at VCU, with Rick Boyco. In 2012, Norbi also completed the Berlin Creative Leaders Program with Michael Conrad. 
Norbi holds Argentine, European and American passports.

In 2014- focusing his efforts on the multiple screen brand evolving strategies- Norbi participated at the UX Week at UCLA, the Ad Age Digital and CMO conferences in San Francisco, and the Hyper Island Master Class in NY.

Vibes Festival

Texas Lottery - Greeting Card

Starburst - Llama

Special Olympics "Track"

Texas Lottery - Cannons

Target - Spring Style

Blastro - Case Study

Cine las américas - Evo

Snikers - Zombie

Hyundai - Website

ESPN - Malvinas


Starburst - A juicy contradiction

Bud light - Trip

Domino´s Pizza - Stars

Burger King - BK Breakfast

Texas Lottery - Basket

Hyundai - Princess

Cine Las americas Papaya

History Cannel - Guevara

Grocery List

Red Cross - Car


Texas Lottery - All or nothing


Target - Holiday Card

Bud light - Lime Kick it in

Us Cellular - Goodnight

History Channel - Futbol Website


Special Olympics - Swimming

Hyundai - Second Chance




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